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Carl Zeiss Antique Naval Binoculars

Carl Zeiss is one of the most extraordinary binocular manufacturers. They started in the late 19th century and they grew to be an enormous company and are still around today.

This is a very rare piece in very good condition. There were two models manufactured: one prior to the first world war and the second model made from the 1930’s onwards.

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What is particularly special about this binocular is that it has three magnifications, three rotating oculars and it goes from x12 magnification to x20 and up to x40. All through a 80mm objective lens which is this fabulous lens at the front. Carl Zeiss are known for their optical quality, not just for their very good design. It is all to do with the quality of the glass that was manufactured, giving a superb vision through these high quality lenses.

We are very lucky that this model has its original tripod.

Antique Carl Zeiss Naval Binoculars - Serial Numbers

You can see the serial numbers engraved on the front. It is worth noting on a Carl Zeiss instrument that every binocular and every lens is actually marked Carl Zeiss of Jena.

Antique carl Zeiss Binoculars

It also has extending sunshades to reduce glare. These Carl Zeiss binoculars are extremely rare.

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