Prof Kevin Anderson & Dr Hugh Hunt at COP21

Digital services:

Website development

Creation of social media channels

Content planning and engagement strategy

Content creation

Social media publishing and promotion

Climate Communications:

Analysis of communications objectives

Interviews with leading experts

Creating coherent intuitive narratives

Documentary production

Written article production

Wine & Art related content creation:

Campaign planning

Blogging content cycle planning

Digital production

Online publishing to social media

Promotion of content

Past and present clients include:

Tanya Baxter Contemporary (London), Darnley Fine Art (London), Nick Potter Sporting Art, Lena Boyle Fine Art, William Thuillier Old Masters, Bella Pieroni Artist, Stern-Pissarro Gallery, Niemierko, University of Cambridge, University of Leeds, Fossil-Free Switzerland, International Centre for Faith & Ecology, Jeroboams wine merchants and many others.


Over the past 5 years, Nick Breeze has interviewed an extensive range of people including celebrities, leading climate scientists, engineers, social scientists, faith leaders, politicians, activists, winemakers, artists and many others.

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‘Supercharged: The Bentley Blower’ 2009, ‘Maggi Hambling, Dead or Alive’ (2010), ‘Arctic Methane – Why The Sea Ice Matters’ (2012), Post COP21 analysis (2016 – current).


The Ecologist, The Daily Telegraph, The Daily Mail,

Own sites: (2016 finalist for Millésima blog awards in Bordeaux food and wine category)