Climate Change Analysis, Writing & Filmmaking

Nick Breeze is an established climate change writer and filmmaker, specialising in a wide ranging series of interview and documentaries with leading figures from around the world.

Nick started recording climate change interviews after reading James Lovelock’s famous book, ‘The Vanishing Face of Gaia’. In 2010 Nick spent 3 days with Lovelock and a film crew at his then home in North Cornwall. Since then he has interviewed over 50 scientists specialising in varying aspects of the climate system.

The recent UNFCCC COP21 climate change summit in Paris was covered extensively by Nick, who was accredited for the event by The Ecologist. He interviewed a great many scientists and commentators, including controversial government ministers and has presented a short series of documentaries (in progress) that are being published on Youtube.

Aside from looking at the underlying science of climate change, Nick is also involved in looking at human responses, including climate engineering (geoengineering), reforestation, emissions reductions, policy changes and the role of civil society. Recent work includes dialogues with faith leaders and gender groups, in order to try and incorporate all of these findings into a narrative that can be used to better understand and discuss these complex issues.